Brief History of Homeopathy in Malaysia

Year Descriptions
1925 Rev Fr John Leo Quinn practised Homeopathy in the Priest Residence within St Theresa’s Church premise in Tambunan, Sabah.
1928 The Late Col Dr Azim S. Rajah, an Indian British Military Officer introduced Homeopathy in JohorBahru,Johor
1934 The first homeopathic clinic was set up in Johor Bahru, Johor.
1935 Col Dr Azim S. Rajah and Dr Burhanuddin Al Helmi set up the Malayan Homeopathic Leading Centre in Singapore.
1950 12 initial students from all over Peninsular Malaya enrolled in Dr Burhanuddin homeopathic classes ( lectures are  in Bahasa Melayu).
1962 Homeopathic Society Federation of Malaya was formed in Kuala Lumpur. Dr Burhanuddin Al Helmi  was its first president.
1999 Discussions by all representatives of homeopathic associations to formed a single united national council. Initiated and facilitated by  officers from the Ministry Of Health
2001 The National Policy on Traditional and Complementary Medicine(T/CM) was Launched by the Minister of Health,Malaysia.
  The Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Council (MHMC) was established and appointed by the Ministry of Health as the only umbrella body for all homeopathic practitioners.
2002 First workshop on formulating the standard and criteria for Homeopathic education And training held at Kota Bahru, Kelantan. This is done with the collaboration of Ministry of Health,National Accreditation Board-Ministry of Health,representatives of selected local universities and MHMC.
2003 First National Seminar on Homneopathy held at PWTC, KL .Co- sponsored by MHMC And Ministry of Health.
  Second workshop on formulating the standard and criteria for Homeopathic education and training held at Kuala Lumpur. In collaboration with Ministry of Health ,National Accreditation Board-Ministry of Health, representtaives of selected local  universities and MHMC.
2004 The establishment of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division (T/CMD) in The Ministry of Health to facilitate the development of traditional and complementary medicine.
2006 T/CM umbrella body concept was revised and replaced by a Practitioners Body Concept.Transforming them into a professional body.
  Third  workshop on formulating the standard and criteria for Homeopathic education and training held at Port Dicson, Negeri Sembilan. In collaboration with T/CMD Ministry of Health, Malaysia Qualifying Agency-Ministry of Health, representatives of selected local universities, homeopathic associations and MHMC.
2007 Standard and criteria for T/CM practices were approved by the Malaysian Qualifying Agency(MQA)-Ministry of Higher Education. This also includes the degree program for a Bachelor in Homeopathic Medical Science (BHMS).
2008 MHMC and Cyberjaya University College for Medical Sciences (CUCMS) initial discussion on collaboration in the field of homeopathic education, training and research.
2009 Exemption of the Single Homeopathic Dilutions from the POISON LIST by Ministry Of Health.
2010 MHMC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CUCMS in the field of Education,training of homeopathic practitioners and research.
  The first degree course in homeopathy (BHMS) was offered to the public by CUCMS.
2011 The Guideline for the Registration of Homeopathic Products was approved by the The National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau Ministry of Health.
  The First  International Conference on Homeopathy 2011 at PWTC Kuala Lumpur.

T&CM Act 2013 gazetted.
Appointment of MPHM as the designated practitioners body by Minister of Health (MOH) for 3 years.

First batch of BHMS students graduated from CUCMS.