Homeopathy will be a respected profession and contributing to the healthcare of the nation.



  • MPHM is the only body representing homeopathy and it’s Practitioners.
  • Homeopaths should acquire standard qualification for safe, efficacious and ethical practice.
  • Strengthening collaboration with all relevant authorities and parties, local and international, to secure the interest of homeopathy and its practitioners.
  • Ensure continuity of homeopaths from recognised institutions.
  • Disseminate information about homeopathy to all levels of society.
  • To uphold good governance and integrity.



  • Homeopathy center of excellence.
  • Malaysia indigenous homeopathic remedies.
  • Fully integrated in the primary healthcare.
  • Increase numbers of homeopaths and homeopathic centers in line with population requirements.
  • Local homeopathy research papers, journal and publications.
  • Official collaborations with major international and national homeopathic organisations and institutions.
  • Additional homeopathic educational institutions, catering for undergraduates and postgraduates homeopathy courses.
  • Increase number of homeopathic manufacturing facilities.
  • Homeopathy contributing to nation building and wealth creation.
  • Malaysia: the homeopathic hub of Asean.